JUN 21-23, 2024


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MAC BBQ is a competition BBQ team from the Bay Area, the group has been together since 2014 and has been competing and judging in KCBS barbecue events all over the West Coast including Hawaii.

MAC BBQ is a barbecue collective with members from all over the Bay Area, San Francisco, San Jose, and the East Bay. In the last few years they have participated in Heritage Fire Napa and came home with the coveted Heritage Hero award in 2022. In 2023-2024, MAC BBQ has also been part of the Livermore and Napa Meat Carnival preparing dishes that stay true to traditional Smoked BBQ but adding their own touch and incorporating some Filipino heritage into their cooks. MAC BBQ has also been experimenting and collaborating with different chefs and restaurants at popup events to provide a unique barbecue experience.

Pitmasters John and Chris along with their team of like minded barbecue enthusiasts have providing high end craft barbecue since day one and pride themselves in the highest quality possible to ensure that the first bite makes it a memorable moment.

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