JUN 21-23, 2024

Tu David Phu

Chef Tu David Phu is a renowned culinary artist and a first-generation Vietnamese-American hailing from Oakland, California. With a rich family heritage tied to Phu Quoc, celebrated for its artisanal fish sauceproduction in Asia, Chef Phu has seamlessly blended his classical culinary training in top establishments with the cherished food wisdom passed down through generations.

Throughout his career, Chef Tu has garnered acclaim for his innovative California-Vietnamese cuisine, which skillfully combines his ambitious and modern culinary style with traditional Vietnamese flavors and techniques. His journey led him from prestigious kitchens such as New York's Daniel to San Francisco's2-star Michelin restaurant, Acquerello.

Notably, Chef Tu is co-authoring his first cookbook, titled "THE MEMORY OF TASTE," alongside James Beard Journalism Award winner Soleil Ho, offering a delightful collection of California-Vietnamese dishes that showcase his culinary artistry and the valuable culinary lessons he inherited from his parents. This cookbook is not just a celebration of his culinary heritage but also a testament to his commitment to meaningful work in the world of food.

Beyond the kitchen, Chef Tu David Phu is an advocate for food recovery and regenerative practices, inspired by the wisdom passed down from his mother and his family's experiences of food insecurity due to war and poverty. His impact extends to initiatives that promote food access, partnerships with organizations fostering positive change in the seafood industry, and advisory roles aimed at addressing health challenges through culinary medicine.

Chef Tu's culinary artistry, deeply rooted in heritage and innovation, reflects his dedication to making food a vessel for positive change and meaningful work. His story is one of culinary excellence, heritage preservation, and a commitment to shaping a brighter future through food.

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